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Resignation of National Treasurer

This announcement is no longer active

Burnout Gloucester

Over the past five years it has been a pleasure and honor to serve the Roughnecks Nation as your National Treasurer. As we enter 2020, like many of our brothers and sisters, I am facing some challenges and I feel the Treaurers’ position can be better served by someone that has the time this position requires. So, with great regret and respect for all of our members, I am officially resigning from the position of National Treasurer of the Roughnecks MC as of today, January 1, 2020.
When I started in this position, we were all very apprehensive as to the future of the Nation. It was a time of turmoil and descent and I, along with many of the current Executive Board members worked tirelessly to ensure the security of this club financially and through our sheer belief in the members and the mission of this organization were able to rebuild this club. Today and moving forward, I will remain loyal to this club, its mission and its members and will always be available to any member in need.
I believe I am leaving this position in better shape than when I started. I have created an online system to manage annual registration/dues as well as the purchasing of colors. All the emails and PayPal addresses will remain the same and will transfer over to Hollywood’s new cabinet so this will be a smooth transition for all.
I do wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year and appreciate all your support throughout the years.
Roughnecks MC of Gloucester County